Apartments Blagonic

Apartments Blagonić include two apartments named Franko and Jasmina, rooms and apartment Dores, wine bar & shop Raboš and a souvenir shop Colmo, all located in the world’s smallest town named Hum, plus apartment Andrea in the village Roč located just under the famous Istrian climbing area called Kompanj. All apartments are newly rebuilt with modern furniture with the flavour of Istrian design and offer fully equipped kitchen, private parking, free WIFI, towels and bedding and an outside barbeque. They are all just couple of kilometres away from the best Istrian climbing areas like Kompanj, Buzetski kanjon, Pandora, Kamena vrata, Istarske toplice and so on. Beautiful, scenic, romantic, there are not so many adjectives you can describe just one overnight in this places!

Dores Blagonić, Hum 9, 52425 Roč, Croatia
+385 91 566 6661, [email protected]

Apartment Franko Apartment Franko, Hum
Small and ultra romantic bricked build house in the world’s smallest town edge with the panoramic view to northern parts of Istria is a unique overnight experience. Rustically furnished kitchen, dining room with TV, WIFI and bedroom for two people with optional additional bed for other two await you in this apartment. With beautiful terrace and barbeque is for sure everything you desire.


Apartment Jasmina

Apartment Jasmina, Hum
An old town house on two floors with two bedrooms, living room, dining room, open kitchen, a room with a king bed is owned by family Blagonič and was built in 1615 and rebuild exactly 400 years later. The house is smoothly designed with all the climbers needs, perfect for family holidays with small children. There is place for four people, plus two beds. It is the best place to feel the energy of this mythical town.


Rooms Dores

Rooms and Apartment Dores, Hum
In the center of medieval Hum you can find as well Rooms and Apartment Dores. Two rooms that accept two persons and apartment for two climbers with additional two on a couch. Modern designed with private bathroom, television, WIFI, parking, with sunny terrace and barbeque area. Just close to the Souvenir shop Colmo offering degustations of their home specialities.


Apartment Andrea

Apartment Andrea, Roč
Apartment Andrea, a place for four climbers, is situated in a private house in medieval village of Roč just under the famous climbing area Kompanj. And of course, to Sunset rock or to RockNRoč you can easily go by foot. Like all the other family Blagonić’s apartments, also this one will truly fulfil your expectations. It is on you to decide which one to choose and where to go!


Souvenir shop Colmo

Souvenir shop Colmo, Hum
Hum is the smallest town in the world, with 28 persons living there nowadays and only two streets. In the upper one you will suddenly find Souvenir shop Colmo which indulges into the gastronomic tradition of Hum area. It is found in the scent of truffles and lavender, the use of olive, walnut and hazelnut oils, healthy properties of honey, and a good drop of wine, spirits and liqueurs, including, of course, always emphasized Hum Biška brandy. Finally, it is here, in Hum, that mistletoe found its rightful place as an ancient Celtic druid drink.

Wine bar & shop Rabos

Wine bar & shop Raboš, Hum
That’s the place every climber has to visit after the exhausting day in the crag, to try their vines, grapas and other specialities. The evening and the whole holidays as well, guaranteed unforgettable!



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