Rock climbing in Istria

Enjoy a thrilling rock climbing adventure in Istria with one of the certified guides at!

Located on the Adriatic sea, from Italy to Slovenia and Croatia, Istria is a top spot for rock climbing adventures all year round. Famous for its beautiful beaches, unique views, and amazing history and culture, this is a great destination to enjoy an outdoor excursion on the rocks!

Book a certified guide with all the equipment needed for your trip in Istria here ([email protected] or +38640416624)!


Climb the steep limestone rocks above the Adriatic sea in Istria, from the south in Croatia, in between in Slovenia and the northern part around Trieste in Italy.

You can choose from easy crags like Rovinj and Limski kanal, to a bit harder cliffs around the city of Buzet, perfect family spot Črni kal or hard-core climbing spot in Istria – Mišja peč, you can even climb above Trieste in winter crags like Napoleonica, Aurisina or Costiera, plus many more.

Further out in Istria are great limestone plateaus and canyons home to rich abundance of biodiversity, as well as significant Roman and Medieval remains.

Climb the beautiful Istrian cliffs as we daily explore new valleys and climbing areas. And we’ll choose the best exposures for the season as well for your own level of ability.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, experienced, or even a child, the crags of Istria offer endless possibilities for everyone of all abilities.

If you’re only starting we’ll take you to an easy place where you’ll learn the basics of climbing. If you have some experience we’ll show you how to move more efficiently and use your strength in the best possible way. And if you are an experienced climber, we’ll help you push your limits in one of the best climbing areas in this part of Europe.

Potential climbers don’t need to have previous climbing or mountaineering experience, and so is open to almost everyone.

Our daily climbing courses usually start in the morning and last for the whole day, depending on the orientation of the cliff and your climbing abilities.

Get in touch with us ([email protected] or +38640416624) now to reserve your place among the beautiful climbing cliffs of Istria for a 1+day rock climbing trip.

Price includes:

  • guiding fee
  • all the equipment needed (rope, quickdraws, belay device, helmet, harness, chalkbag, climbing shoes,…)
  • *if you have your own equipment, rather bring yours as you’re used to it

Price doesn’t include:

  • transport to the crag (can be discussed with the climbing guide)
  • drinks & snacks at the crag

Prices vary from the number of climbers (maximum of 4 for a climbing guide), number of climbing days and dates, so don’t wait any longer, send us a request on [email protected] for 1+ days sport climbing course and let’s start planning your next adventure.


I did intensive climbing coaching with Klemen over 3 weeks. It was all outside, at different crags in Croatia and Slovenia. We went on loads of different rock types. The whole experience was a great adventure. From the start to the end, my climbing completely changed. I’m onsighting routes I previously would have struggled to redpoint. I am more confident on the range of moves you encounter on different formations of rock. And it was just loads of fun. He’s really good at spotting what you can improve and helping to make it happen, all with a smile and lots of encouragement. I highly recommend him as a coach, wether you want a climbing experience or you want to really improve your technique, he’s a great coach. (Issy, enthusiastic rock climber from UK)