On the end of the Zlatni Rt peninsula, just south from Rovinj inside the forrest park, you can find one of the most popular climbing areas in Istria. It is close to the sea, family friendly, perfect for climbing schools and has a beautiful view of the whole old town of Rovinj and beautiful Adriatic sea,… More then enough reasons to visit this popular crag.



From the highway Pula – Buje take the exit Rovinj/Kanfanar and continue to Rovinj. You have to reach far south part of Rovinj where you have to pass a big hotel resort (Hotel Eden) on your right. Continue that road and about 50 meters before the roundabout on a big parking lot you can park your car and walk for 15 minutes in the right direction to the coastline. Follow the coast to the south. You will see the faces on the beach and a little higher up on your left side.

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N 45°06’79.99”, E 13°63’81.34”

This is an all year round climbing area. The best seasons are for sure spring and autumn. In winter you can climb in the afternoon sun, while in summer you can climb only till 1PM when the walls are still in shade. After climbing it is recommended to swim in the beautiful Adriatic sea.

The place where the crag is situated was once a quarry providing stone for Venetian palaces. The rock is of good quality and the routes are nicely bolted and friendly for beginners, families and recreational climbers.

As the routes are pretty short you will need a 50 meters rope and about 10 quickdraws.

The routes are up to 20 meters long on white-grey firm limestone, vertical and fairly sharp. The holds are different, from edges to pockets, slopers, tufas and jugs. Climbing varies from technical style to bouldery sections where finger power is needed.

Rovinj is a nice city really worth a visit, a drink or a dinner or maybe just a relaxing evening walk.

ROUTES (from left to right):

Sector A
? b 10 m
Bosch 5b 10 m
Metabo 5b 10 m
Učenica 4b 10 m
Učitelj 4b 10 m
Avava va 5a 10 m
Ma dai 4c 10 m
Pke 5a 10 m
Rovigno tesoro 5c 10 m
Brnistra 5b 10 m
Ulika 5a 10 m
Sector B/I
Vočna salata 5a 14 m
Ananas 5a 14 m
Kaktus 4b+ 14 m
Avocado 5b 14 m
Piselino 5a 13 m
Sponge Bob 4b+ 16 m
Prvi korak 4b+ 16 m
Grafit 4c+ 16 m
Zgoreni 4b 16 m
Lego 4c 9 m
Mr.Biž 5c 9 m
Mr.Bean 6a 8 m
Jumpy 5c+ 8 m
Slalom 5b 15 m
Baterija 6b+ 15 m
Piti ili ne piti 6b 15 m
Hot rats 6c+ 15 m
Val 6c+ 13 m
Toni sandwich 6a 13 m
Kosir 5b 15 m
Ta-tan 6b+ 15 m
Panoramix 6b 15 m
Menta 6a+ 15 m
Sector B/II
Spigolo Istriano 6a+ 15 m
Garbin 6a+ 15 m
Mendula 5c 15 m
El dulso 5a 15 m
Luna 5c 15 m
Jež 6b 12 m
Veliko plaventilo 7a 12 m
Zimmer frei 6c+ 12 m
Miš 4b+ 11 m
Jogurt 5a 10 m
Crleni 5b+ 8 m
Orih 5a 8 m
Ružmarin 5b 10 m
Peršin 5b 9 m
Radić 6b 9 m
Lavanda 5a 9 m
Sector B/III
Matovilec 4c 9 m
Me la sposo 5b 9 m
McGyver 6a 9 m
Sunčica 6a+ 9 m
Zoppas 6c 9 m
Crepe sesette 5c 11 m
Gateaux 6b+ 12 m
El bissio 6b 11 m
Bezimeni 6a+ 12 m
Enjoy 6a+ 13 m
Silicon 6b 10 m
Tič 6a 10 m
Galeb 5c+ 15 m
Mrnv 4b 17 m
Glista 4b+ 15 m
Seka 4c 15 m
Sector B/IV
Kantun 5a+ 11 m
Špegalj 5b 10 m
Asterix 5c 10 m
Obelix 5b+ 10 m
Rokula 4c 14 m
Navarin 6c 13 m
Bakin 6a 11 m
Les deux mouflettes 6a+ 11 m
Genius 6b 11 m
Istarski balun 5a 12 m
Kodak 5c 10 m
Spaceball 6b+ 10 m
Mosquito 6b+ 10 m
Ponedeljak 5a 10 m
Utorek 5b 10 m
Srijeda 5a+ 10 m
Četvrtak 5b 10 m
Petak 5a 10 m
Subota 4b 10 m
? 4a 10 m
? 4b 10 m
Sector C – Oasis
Do you speak English? 5a 9 m
Oasis 5b 9 m
La fiume 5c 9 m
Piena di passeggiate 4b 9 m
Calcare tagliente e compatto 5a+ 7 m
Parco alberato 5a 8 m
Sector D
Amicici 5a 15 m
Nočno kupanje 5a+ 15 m
Neocid 5c 13 m
Fiaka 5a 13 m
Stršljan 5b 12 m
Britvica 5b 12 m
Voglia di fresco 6a+ 10 m
Vitamin C 6a+ 10 m
Duvet di maiale 6a+ 7 m
Krovinj 5a 10 m
Lovorov list 6a 10 m
Sector E – Grappa
Plima 5a 9 m
Oseka 5a+ 9 m
IV 4b 9 m
Sol 5b 9 m
Grappa 7a 10 m
Aquamarin 6c 10 m
Via dell amicizio 6c 10 m