Pula is full of Roman remains. One of them is the quarry Cave Romane in Vinkuran which is worth visiting for the exceptional scenography and the routes, the kind of which you can’t find anywhere near. It is located just a couple of minutes away from the center of Pula and from the Adriatic sea. Climbing is nice and diverse, so local climbers use the area for their local climbing gym all year round. It is a must place to visit if you are staying on holidays somewhere near.
Drive to Pula and follow signs towards Premantura. On the crossing where the road to Premantura goes left, you turn right passing Vinkuran and later left (direction Pješčana Uvala). Soon you will see the quarry on your left side. Park in front of it and in a minute of walk you will reach this fun climbing area.

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N 44°84’04.02”, E 13°85’98.94”

The area is mostly in the shade which makes it good for climbing all year round. You can even climb in the summer. Mornings are better. After that, swimming in the Adriatic sea is a must.

The routes in natural wall are really nice to climb, mostly overhanging and desire good endurance on sharp pockets and jugs. The routes in other sectors are really something special, something completely different, from totally manufactured to unique vertical climbing.

If you want to try climbing in all the sectors bring a 70 meters rope and at least 14 quickdraws.

Don’t miss to visit the beautiful and ancient city of Pula with one of the most preserved ancient Roman amphitheatres. The center is just a 5 minute drive away. You can also hop on the beach or try some DWS.

ROUTES (from left to right):

Natural wall
Din et Veper 8a 11 m
Za inat 7c 12 m
Event horizon 6b 12 m
Veseli tuljani 6c+ 12 m
Balada o slanom moru 6b 12 m
Okinava 7a+ 12 m
Zlatousta 6c+ 12 m
Suđuk 7b+ 12 m
Rasputin 6b+ 13 m
Pandorina varijanta 6c 13 m
Corto Maltese 7a 13 m
Left sector
Potraga za varijantom 6c+ 20 m
Potraga za izgubljenim prijateljstvom 7b 20 m
Dioniz 6a 10 m
Bubek 6c 12 m
WC školjka 6a 22 m
Monique 8a 22 m
Hexenšus 8a 22 m
Pukotina 5a 12 m
Brid 5b 12 m
Cube 7b+ 12 m
Teta Zorka 6a 12 m
Teta Zorka extension 6c+ 30 m
Right sector
Freedom 7a+ 20 m
Freedom extension 7c 31 m
Iznenađenje 6b 15 m
Cin Cin family 6a+ 16 m
Kristal 6b 15 m
Škola za gurlu 6b+ 15 m
M and L 2006 7c 15 m
Mi 3je 7b+ 15 m
Havrija 7b 15 m
Bebica 7a 19 m
Pokvareni ritam 7c+ 24 m
Entrance on the right
Oprosti 6a+ 10 m
Dijete sreće 6a 10 m
Strško Stršić 5c 12 m
Smokva was here 5a 12 m
Koala 5b 11 m