The imposing Risnik sinkhole, which was created through the collapse of the ceiling over a former subterranean cavern has unique local climbing character. The crag lies in beautiful Karst surroundings and offers a good alternative to the populated crags of Črni kal and Osp. You will most definitely be alone at the crag. All the routes have been reequipped lately and also a new sector was born.


On the highway from Koper to Ljubljana take the exit Divača, then on the turnaround turn left and on the next crossing left again direction Lipica and park on the left side just after about 500 meters before the wooden sign for Risnik. From parking take the dirtpath going left until in 5 minutes you reach the wall down low.

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N 45°40’42.5”, E 13°57’59.7”

Climbing varies from short to two pitches long technical routes which require really good foot technique. A lot of finger power is also very welcome.

The perfect period is from late autumn till early spring. The crag is totally sheltered from strong northern winds and is exposed directly to the sun. Better to avoid it in hot days. Also snakes can come out.

EAT & DRINK we recommend…

osp kamp_crPri Vovku, Osp 20, 6275 Črni kal, Slovenija

+386 (0)5 659 06 00, +386 (0)40 167 787, [email protected]www.kmetija-vovk-osp.si

Under the Karst edge in the Osp valley lies the village of Osp, world famous for its karst collapse. Tourist farm Vovk provides space for camping (camp) and typical local food (grilled dishes, seasonal dishes, side dishes: potatoes, cabbage, turnips, prosciutto cold cuts, pancetta, pork neck salami) and country wines. The campsite is open all year round and is suitable for families who appreciate peace and intact nature.

SLEEP we had experienced…

ocizla_crHostel Ociski raj, Ocizla 1c, 6240 Kozina, Slovenija

+386 (0) 40 874 745, [email protected]www.hostel-ocizla.si

Hostel Ociski raj is located in the heart of climbing areas. From hostel to Črni Kal is only 7km, 11 km away are world-famous Mišja peč and Osp. Also climbing areas like Risnik (Divača) and Val Rosandra (Italy) are really close. In the vicinity of the hostel there are many walking paths, as well opportunities for cycling and other trips. Hostel offers you accommodation in private rooms and in dorms with shared kitchen and bathrooms.


The rock in some routes can still be a bit loose, so it’s always better to wear a helmet, at least as a belayer.

ROUTES (from left to right):

Kupido 6c 23 m
Ivanova 5c 23 m
Martinčkov jarek 4c 22 m
Koliševka 5b 24 m
Big foot mama 6a+ 24 m
Big foot ata 6a+ 24 m
Papamobile 6a 24 m
Črna gradnja 5c 24 m
Simona 5a+ 23 m
Simona extension 6b+ 34 m
Harpo 6b 13 m
Harpo extension 6c 33 m
Nekaj vijoličastega 7b 14 m
Plava smer 6c+ 17 m
Plava smer extension 7a 37 m
Življenje so samo sanje 7a 20 m
Življenje so samo sanje extension 7b 40 m
Mihov raz 7a 40 m
Popoldanska 6b+ 20 m
Popoldanska extension 6c 40 m
Škorpijion 8a 15 m
Kačje leto 7c+ 17 m
Kombinacija 5b 20 m
Kombinacija extension 6a 40 m
Damjanova 6b 35 m
Botanika 6a 25 m
Sector The tower
Košček časa 7b 35 m
Rum in šah 6c 32 m
Katjina 6a 30 m
Pirova zmaga (1st part) 4b 20 m
Pirova zmaga (to the top) 7b 35 m
Zlobna buča 6c 35 m
Incident v Kranju 6b 25 m
Modra Frankinja 6c 25 m
Miss nočne omarice 6a 25 m