After a long and intensive climbing day or during designated rest day the essential stuff like food usually comes on our to-do list. Dont worry, when it comes to food this part of the world can offer you great variety of meals suitable for every pocket. A mixture of italian cousine, slovenian mainland dishes and mediterranean culinary treats will help your hunger games end fast.
From past experiences the great advantage you have when passing trough our neigborhood are good meals at affordable price.


We have compiled our favorite dishes to make sure you can create your climbing experience in Istria memories at home.

Enjoy local specialties in small local restaurants like: 

osp kamp_crPri Vovku, Osp 20, 6275 Črni kal, Slovenija

+386 (0)5 659 06 00, +386 (0)40 167 787, [email protected];

Under the Karst edge in the Osp valley lies the village of Osp, world famous for its karst collapse. Tourist farm Vovk provides space for camping (camp) and typical local food (grilled dishes, seasonal dishes, side dishes: potatoes, cabbage, turnips, prosciutto cold cuts, pancetta, pork neck salami) and country wines. The campsite is open all year round and is suitable for families who appreciate peace and intact nature.

Fast food is always a good option when in hurry. In all bigger cities you can find everything from most common fast food to Kebab or Burek. Also bakeries offer nice variety of snacks.

Italy is home of famous pizza, so why not joining climbing day with a visit of some old classic pizzerias in the region. At least once in your life you should try how the real italian pizza should taste like.

The vicinity of the seaside makes a reason why so many good fish restaurants are around. Due to the mixture of cultures you can find also chinese, mexican, serbian cuisine.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. Doctors and nutrition specialists will applaud you, your body will thank you, and we think its cool to give a chance to seasonal and local fruit&veggie products. How about an apple that didn’t drive 500 km to get into your hands? Not to forget home made olive oil,…

Luckily you just stumbled upon vaste wine area which gives you life time opporutnity to taste and enjoy this grape-made wonder. In almost every village you can taste and buy home made red or white vine and olive oil as well.

Beer anyone? Those who prefer beer over wine (or enjoy both*) can drink beside easy-to-get and well known beers in supermarkets, a products of variety of micro-breweries that became popular and well known thing in last years. Beside that, they produce excellent beer.
* for your sake and sake of others around you, we discourage mixing 🙂