Ah, Raspadalica… Basically it is a crag under the whole edge of Ćićarija, which is worth visiting for the view of Buzet and its surroundings alone. There are countless potential walls with good rock, but sadly, with the exception of sector A, even the current approaches are not in order – if you‘re unlucky you will get lost in thorns, rocks and bushes. But with some work the potential here can be measured in hundreds of routes. .. when the attitude to creating sectors modernizes a bit. For now Raspadalica provides only a nice trip for climbers seeking easy routes.

It is best to drive to camp Raspadalica (either from Gornja Nugla or around via Počekaji) and approach the crags from the top. The path winds along the edge of Ćićarija and paths down are sometimes hard to find. Access sector A by a steep, but nice path at a clearing between a group of trees and pines. To the B sector leads a path that is a bit more difficult, right after the pines, where the edge of the cliff is less rocky and more overgrown. For sectors C and D descend on the steep hill between both walls. The approach to the C sector can be especially difficult. There is an nice path for trekkers from the train station to the edge. It is not advisable to traverse the hill under the sectors.

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P1 N 45°42’45.67”, E 13°99’80.67”

P2 N 45°42’60.06”, E 13°98’51.86”

The crag is in the sun, which is good in the winter, when also the vegetation is least dense – in summer we can only wish you luck – the access would destroy even Bear Grylls – and if you survive this, you will die of a heart attack on the wall.

The rock, considering the name („Crumbledore“), is not so bad, but it is at times loose. The gear is variable: the anchors and bolts can be great and new or shitty and old. The base of the crag is semi-comfortable, but not advisable for children.

Most routes (except sector D) rarely exceed 20 meters, and the bolts can often be far apart. Also bring a machete, just in case.

For a relaxing day in easy routes visit sector A. The routes are short, but nice, vertical and with good holds. In other sectors the climbing style can vary, but we leave it to more adventurous climbers.

Walk carefully. In hot months the rocks are often occupied by horned vipers. Bring a stick and swing it before you as you walk. The snake will retreat on its own. On a nice day you will share the edge of the cliff with paragliders and hangliders.

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ROUTES (from left to right):

Sector A – Zmaj
United 6b+ 35 m
Podgorka 6b 20 m
Zmaj 6c 30 m
Paraglider 6c 35 m
Padobranac 6a+ 35 m
Sector B – Izbavitelj
Sedam vrhova 7b+ 21 m
Izbavitelj 6b+ 20 m
Stella rossa 6c+ 20 m
Grozni 6b+ 20 m
Kontrolirani nadgledani slobodni 6c+ 20 m
? 7b+ 20 m
Sector C
Frontera 6a 12 m
Megane 6a 12 m
Rijeka prvak 98/99 6a+ 15 m
Jump 7a 15 m
Sector D
Bebi pista 4c 7 m
Čripnja 5b 8 m
Aut put 6a 7 m
Ortikarija 5c 20 m
Presjednik Joža 5a 10 m
Čimuki 5b 18 m
Jutarnja rosa 5b 15 m
Medovača 6a 15 m
Homus Balcanicus 6b+ 16 m
Makinja 6a+ 15 m
Prhut 6b 16 m
Ribež 5c 20 m
Sastavljavica 5c 10 m
Raspadalica direkt 6a+ 15 m
Drugi dan 6a 10 m
Ilegalac 6b 10 m
Bacci 6a+ 10 m
Caro 5c 11 m
Io 5c 12 m
Prvi 5b 12 m
Sector E – Cave
Leonidio news 8a+ 20 m
? 7a+ ?